Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Camp

When can campers arrive? Registration will begin promptly at 3:30pm on Sunday and will end at exactly 5:00pm. Please do not arrive too early as our staff will not be able to assist you prior to 3:30pm. Registration will be held in the Dining Hall. At registration, you will confirm your paperwork, make payment, deposit any spending money, drop off medication with our Nurse and choose the electives that your child would like to participate in during the week. Campers will be served Dinner at 5:30pm.

Note: We strongly encourage you to pre-register your child for their week of camp. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis, so walk-ons cannot be guaranteed a space. By not preregistering your child you assume the risk that there may not be a space for your child upon arrival at PMBC. We would hate for that to happen, so please preregister your forms as early as possible.


What should campers bring? Campers should bring a Bible, notebook, pens, clothing, one dress outfit, bedding, sneakers, bathing suit (no two piece bathing suits are allowed), towels, soap, shampoo, tooth-brush, and tooth-paste.


I'm concerned my child may get homesick. What should I do? For many of our campers, this will be their first experience living away from home. We will try our best to encourage them to stay through the week and have an enjoyable time. If you think your child is likely to become homesick, please let our Nurse know at registration. Be aware that frequent phone calls and visits are likely to encourage homesickness with our younger campers. You know your child best, so please use discretion in this area and help us to provide them with a fun and enjoyable camping experience.


Can I visit my child during the week? Parents are welcome to visit during the week. The best time of day to visit is between 4:00pm and 6:00pm when the campers will have free time before and after Dinner (At these times they won’t have to be pulled out of a game or special event). If you will be visiting, please notify our office ahead of time at 570.842.9746.


Are phones and electronics allowed? Campers are allowed to bring their cell phones but are required to keep them turned off and in their bags. Campers are allowed to utilize their phones during free time only to contact family. If a child does not have a phone, they may utilize the main phone at camp for brief calls as the line is available. If you need to reach your child in an emergency, please call the main number at 570.842.9746.  We will be happy to pass on any information to your child or encourage them to call you as soon as possible. We suggest keeping phone contact with your child to a minimum as we keep the campers busy throughout the day and too many calls with mom or dad can increase homesickness. We highly recommend that all other electronics be left at home including ipods, i-phones, tablets, and computers. PMBC can not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronics. We believe that camp should be a time to unplug and disconnect from technology and learn to reconnect with others and with God. Please help us achieve that goal.


Should I send my child with cash? Several times during the day, the snack counter in our Rec. Hall will be open. Campers can buy ice cream, drinks and other treats. We do not accept cash at the snack counter. If you want your child to be able to buy snacks, please bring a set amount of cash with you to registration for this purpose. An “account card” will be set up for them during registration. During the week, their purchases will be subtracted from this card and the remaining balance will be returned to them when they sign-out on Saturday. This system is very helpful, especially for our younger campers who have a greater potential to misplace money.


Is there a sign-out procedure? At registration, you will be required to fill out a “sign-out form.” This form will designate who is allowed to pick-up your child. Under no circumstances will we release your child to anyone other than those listed on this form. If someone other than you will be picking your child up at the end of the week, please make certain that their name is listed, along with your name on this form. Pick up time is between 9:30am – 10:30am on Saturday. Please arrive on time.


I'd love to get a picture of my child at camp. How can I do that? A group picture of the campers will be taken during the week and made available digitally to campers and parents. Please indicate at sign out if you are interested in receiving one and leave your email address. We also encourage you to take pictures at drop-off and pick-up.


Can my child receive mail during the week? Mail is distrubuted every day during lunch and/or dinner. Every camper looks forward to receiving mail from home. Please consider sending your child a letter or a care package during the week. We’re certain they will appreciate it. We often receive mail on Saturday that campers' family and friends have sent but haven't arrived in time. Please consider mailing packages and mail early on in the week to ensure they arrive before the camper leaves.

Send letters and packages to:
(Your child’s name)
c/o PMBC

191 Clifton Beach Rd.
Clifton Twp., PA 18424


Thank you for sending your child to Summer Camp at Pocono Mountain Bible Conference. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to helping your child have the best week of their summer.