Become Partners In Ministry...

We at PMBC are hoping to partner with your church to help grow both the youth and adults of your church.  We can accomplish this through:

Our Summer Camp Program

  • CHILDREN/YOUTH - The children and youth of your church can take part in our summer camp (Ages 8-18) and bring back what they learn to your church to build the spiritual strength of your church body!  Teenagers 15 and older who have camped with us before can consider working at PMBC and being an intrinsic part of God's ministry to the campers who camp with us, reinvesting God's work in their lives in the lives of the next generation!

  • ADULTS - Adults in your church can volunteer to help out with the ministry of PMBC in various ways.  They can lead activities, help in our kitchen, help get the word out about camp, etc.

  • PASTORS/CHURCH LEADERS - Pastors and church leaders of local churches are encouraged to be teachers for a week during our summer camp program!  We look to include different faces to help the children build an ever increasing network of solid examples of Biblical leaders who can mentor them and help them grow in their faith.

  • WORSHIP TEAMS - Your church worship team can volunteer to be involved in our camp program with bringing worship to one or multiple of our twice daily bible classes or daily tabernacle services during the summer

Summer Sunday Evening Services (Sun. June 26th - Sun. August 21st)

  • YOUR WHOLE CHURCH - Members of your church body simply attending our Sunday Evening Services would be a huge help for setting the tone for the given week of summer camp.  Even though it doesn't look like it, the campers pay attention to the attendance of Sunday Services and see from that the level of importance in gathering together to worship.

  • PASTORS - Local church pastors can bring God's word through their message during one of our Sunday Evening Services in the summer.  Inquire about being part of our Sunday Evening Services in this way!

  • WORSHIP/CHOIR/SKITS - Are you part of a worship team, choir, skit group?  We would love to have you bring worship through music and/or skits to our Sunday Evening Services!


  • CHURCH RETREAT - Your church can hold their own retreat at our facilities to help build community and connections with your church body.  Hold a Men's, Women's, or Youth group retreat to help build strength in your church's small groups. 
  • CHURCH PICNIC - Want a better Church Picnic Location?  Use our facilities for your next church picnic.  Inquire below about what it entails to retreat or picnic with us!
  • JOIN A PMBC SANCTIONED RETREAT - Not sure about putting on your own church retreat? Your church doesn't have their own retreat you can attend? Join one of the retreats we hold which are open to the public to attend.  Use our Men's retreat as a launching point to start your own Men's group. Use our Women's retreat as a launching point to start your own Women's group. Use our Marriage Retreat as a means to get yourself, or couples in your church, invigorated for Christ's mission in marriage.  Send your youth to our Youth Retreat to keep them on the right track in their spiritual walk.  No matter which retreat, those who attend will bring back the things God does in their lives through the retreat and invest that work of God back into their local church!
  • HOST YOUR OWN RETREAT - Do you have an idea that you think could benefit the body of Christ?  Want to give an opportunity for individuals from various churches to come together for corporate edification?  Inquire about hosting your own retreat at our facilities!

Bring PMBC to Your Church

  • PMBC DAY or MINI-CAMP - Part of our upcoming program to help PMBC partner with your local church is to bring our programming to you, to help build the youth in your church, as well as build on the growth which took place in your youth during their summer camping with us. This new program involves having some of our counselors and staff lead a “camp day” or weekend event, alongside your leaders, to keep the youth of the church excited for their relationship with Christ. We want to keep the momentum built during the summer, while also investing into your youth so that they can continue to invest into the growth of your church body.
  • PMBC PRESENTATION - Our Director, or a summer staff member, will come to our church to give a presentation of PMBC.  This will include some history of the organization, details on our summer program, details on retreats, and details on how we can partner to strengthen your church, and the community as a whole, for the sake of Christ.  We can come whenever it best fits your need (during a Bible Study, during Youth Group, during a Small Group, etc.).  If you choose to have us come during one of your Sunday Services, our Director will be the one bringing a PMBC presentation and a Sunday message from the scripture.


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