Team Building in its most literal sense.  Even the most doubtful kids find they can do things they didn't think they can do, which is why we love this game and its challenge.


We sing tons of song about Christ's love for us!

A great night game on a rainy night... or ANY night!

One of them actually made it!  Check out the video to see which one!

This was a blessing from the Grove Church in Scranton and they will be blessing us again this summer!

God doesn't need a relationship with us, He WANTS a relationship with us.  God picked you for His team!

Water Polo was a big hit at free time with the Youth Week.  I have never seen so many Youth campers use the pool.

Fun, crazy, exciting fast paced game.  Come to camp and try it out for yourself!

Oh, the joys of being a staff member hamming it up for the kids!

More teamwork here.  Truly working as one body united in body motion and mind.  A great game to learn communication and cooperation as well as the significance of the imagery of "The body of Christ" used for the church and its unity.