Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Camp

When can campers arrive? Registration will begin promptly at 3:30pm on Sunday and will end at exactly 5:00pm. Please do not arrive too early as our staff will not be able to assist you prior to 3:30pm. Registration will be held in the Dining Hall. At registration, you will confirm your paperwork, make payment, deposit any spending money, drop off medication with our First Aid Consultant and choose the electives that your child would like to participate in during the week. Campers will be served Dinner at 5:30pm.

Note: We strongly encourage you to pre-register your child for their week of camp. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis, so walk-ons cannot be guaranteed a space. By not preregistering your child you assume the risk that there may not be a space for your child upon arrival at PMBC. We would hate for that to happen, so pre-register as quickly as possible. 

How do I make changes within my camper account? Visit our Account Manager How-To page for instructions on how to complete tasks within your account like:

Does PMBC offer payment plans?
Yes! When proceeding to checkout during registration, click on the option that says “Other Payment Options” and proceed to select the Monthly Payment Plan. The system will automatically breakdown how much will be pulled from your debit/credit card on file on the dates designated. Yup, it’s that simple!


What should campers bring? Campers should bring a Bible, notebook, pens, clothing, bedding, sneakers, bathing suit (no two piece bathing suits for girls; no speedos for guys), towels, soap, shampoo, tooth-brush, and tooth-paste. Feel free to download our packing list here. Don't forget to label your camper's clothes so they're less likely to get misplaced. Don't want to write your camper's name on all their tags? Support PMBC by ordering custom labels for clothes, water bottles, back packs, and more through our partner Mabels Labels (20% of proceeds go back to PMBC to support the 1st year camper program!). 


What is the dress code? Shorts must be at least mid-thigh, meaning fingertip length. Stomachs must be covered at all times, no midriff showing. Tank tops cannot be spaghetti straps. We expect undergarments to not be visible; if they are. visible, we will ask the camper to change their clothes. We have found the most comfortable and useful clothing for the type of activities at camp to be be t-shirts. We expect private areas to be kept private. Leggings may not be worn as pants; however, may be worn under dresses or skirts. Don't forget to write your camper's name on their clothes, we don't like having a big lost and found :-) You can support PMBC by ordering custom labels for clothes, water bottles, back packs, and more through our partner Mabels Labels (20% of proceeds go back to PMBC to support the 1st year camper program!). 


I'm concerned my child may get homesick. What should I do? For many of our campers, this will be their first experience living away from home. We will try our best to encourage them to stay through the week and have an enjoyable time. If you think your child is likely to become homesick, please let our Nurse know at registration. Be aware that frequent phone calls and visits are likely to encourage homesickness with our younger campers. You know your child best, so please use discretion in this area and help us to provide them with a fun and enjoyable camping experience.


Are phones and electronics allowed? Please leave all electronics at home. Campers will not have access to electronics while at camp. Any electronics that campers bring will be taken and kept in safe-keeping until they are picked up. If you or your camper needs to get in touch, our landline is available for limited use. Many in our industry have observed that phone calls with family while at a sleep-away camp increases the likelihood of homesickness. Furthermore, our desire is to see children disconnect from technology and engage with each other.


Should I send my child with cash? No. Our snack bar/store does not accept cash. If you want your child to be able to buy snacks, please add money to their store account through your PMBC Account or bring money to registration. Our Account Management system will keep track of your camper's purchases throughout the week. Any money leftover on your camper's account can either be donated to camp or refunded. 


How much money should I add to my camper's store account? Our store has candy, drinks, ice cream available and a few pieces of merchandise. Candy, drinks and ice cream range in price from 50¢ to $2.50. Most of our merchandise (shirts, mugs, etc.) are $10-$25. Most campers appreciate having money to buy one or two snacks each day during free-time. You can pre-purchase merchandise through the online-store in your PMBC Account, too. 


Is there a sign-out procedure? During online registration, you will designate who is allowed to pick-up your child. Under no circumstances will we release your child to anyone other than those listed. If someone other than you will be picking your child up at the end of the week, please make certain that their name is listed. Pick up time is between 9:30am – 10:30am on Saturday. Please arrive on time. To make any changes to who will be picking up your child:

  • Login to the PMBC Account Manager.

  • While on the "My Account" screen, click on "Pickup Authorization" and edit the form.


I'd love to get a picture of my child at camp. How can I do that? Pictures from the week are available through the PMBC Account Manager. 8.5x11 full color group pictures are available for purchase for $3/each. Please indicate at drop-off if you'd like to purchase one for your camper.


Can I pre-order PMBC merchandise? Yes! Here are instructions:

  1. Login to your PMBC account

  2. Click on Camp Store under the Additional Options tab

  3. Click on Shop Online Camp Store

  4. Click on Merchandise

  5. Add your Merchandise to your Cart

  6. Checkout


Can my child receive mail during the week? Mail is distributed every day during lunch and/or dinner. Every camper looks forward to receiving mail from home. Please consider mailing packages and mail early on in the week to ensure they arrive before the camper leaves. Through the PMBC Account Manager, you can send one way emails to your child. These emails are printed daily and given to campers. You can purchase 3 one way emails for $1. Click here to learn how to send emails.

If you decide to send letters and packages, please address them as seen below:
(Your camper's name)
c/o PMBC

191 Clifton Beach Rd.
Clifton Twp., PA 18424


What if I have to cancel my child's registration? That would be a bummer! But we understand. Go to your account and click on the registration you are wanting to cancel, then click on Cancel Reservation on the left side of the screen and follow the prompts. Please know that the $50 deposit that was paid is non-refundable. After you cancel your registration, the remaining funds (if any) will be reimbursed to the card that was used to pay for the registration. This can take anywhere from one to four business days to refund.


I entered the discount code for 1st time camper's camp free, but my receipt shows I still owe $165, why? We manually go in on a daily basis and verify those who've requested the scholarship haven't camped before, until we approve the discount its considered "pending." This is why your invoice shows that you owe $165, but don't worry, you don't!