PMBC offers partial scholarship assistance on a limited basis to returning campers. Due to our 1st Year Campers Camp Free program, financial aid is limited.

To apply for a scholarship, applicants must first register for the event, which requires the deposit to be paid ($50 for summer camp, $25 for winter camp). 

Prayerfully consider the portion you are able to contribute to the camper’s fees and indicate this amount in the application below. We are not able to grant full scholarships. At a minimum, the deposit is required to register for an event. The remainder must be met by the parent, your church, or other sources. 

It is also our policy that scholarships will not be awarded for multiple weeks of camp for a camper and that no discounts are to be applied to those receiving financial aid.

Applications received in entirety will be processed on a regular basis (again, camper's must be registered for the application to be complete). Upon review of an application, applicants will be notified of the amount of funding received. Please be as specific as you can in the dollar amount you need to be able to send your child or attend a program. Requests typically take two weeks to process. 

Those who are not awarded a scholarship and decide not to attend summer camp due to financial circumstances may request that their deposit be returned, provided that the applicant contacts us directly for it.


The deadline for requesting financial aid is June 1. 


How do scholarships work?

First register your child for summer camp and pay the required $50 deposit. After successful registration, complete the application on this web page. If your child is selected to receive a scholarship, PMBC will apply the financial aid to the camper's account and you will be notified by email of the aid. You are responsible for any balances after the scholarship funds have been applied. 

Will I definitely get financial assistance?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every request will be granted. We receive many applications and do not have funding for every one. Each application is reviewed and awards are made based on a number of different criteria.

Does this application process register my child for camp?

No. You must register your child through the PMBC Account Manager to register for summer camp. For more information on summer camp, click here


Financial Aid Application

Note: this application is NOT necessary to participate in the 1st Year Campers Camp Free Program. 

Basic Information
Your Full Name *
Your Full Name
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Camper's Full Name
Are you the parent or guardian of the child to receive aid? *
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Has anyone from your household received financial aid outside of the 1st year campers camp free program? *
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Note: applications will not be processed until your camper is registered for summer camp.




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