As you can imagine, offering 100% scholarships to first-year campers makes it difficult to improve and even maintain our facilities. We need you. Help us revitalize two previously unusable suites and repair our two roofs.

Pastors' Cottage Renovation

In years past, rooms 24 and 25 were used to house our volunteer teachers during the summer. Over the years, moisture became a problem, making these suites unusable. They've laid dormant for over a decade, and we need your help to bring them back to life! Because of the growing demands of our summer program, we need to revitalize these rooms to accommodate more guests. Fixing these cottages will enable PMBC to bring in more volunteer help during the summer to help mentor, teach and work alongside our campers and summer staff. During the non-summer season, many of our guest groups are hosting family-focused retreats: family-friendly lodging is in high demand. 

Thus far we have