In the beginning there was a mountain, a road, and a hotel (well... three hotels to be exact).  God had a plan for all of that.

On May 22nd, 1954, the American Primitive Methodist Church denomination purchased the land previously held by these three hotels, then Hotel Clifton, and established the Pocono Mountain Bible Conference

For a time, the old hotel was the only functional building on the property for use as the summer camp.  The facilities held a kitchen, a dining hall, and a small chapel area for worship on the first floor.  The second floor held housing for the campers who stayed at the summer camp, and the third floor held the room for the staff members who dedicated those early summers to serving the children who camped at PMBC.

At that time, there was plenty of field to play in and all swimming was done at a swimming hole located downstream,  about a quarter to half a mile distance, in the creek.

Over next 20 years, the camp slowly started to grow through the addition of the Tabernacle (current worship center), the cottages, the dining hall, boys and girls cabins, the rec hall, the pavilion and the pool.

Things were going smooth at the camp, and progress was being made with all the additions.  Soon the camp was seeing greater numbers of campers attending and a greater desire for groups to use the facilities for conference and retreat purposes.  That is when the plan for the Woodside building came about, but, first the old dorms needed to be demolished.  This was done by allowing the local fire company to conduct drills while burning down the buildings!

Now that the demolition was finished, it was time for replacement to begin, thus the process of building the Woodside building that houses our cabins and small conference room we use today!

Somewhere around 2004 - 2005, the old Pavilion was replace with a new pavilion, which has since seen many church picnics, family picnics, summer camp picnics, and birthday parties.