Meet Our Director

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Matt Macking

(Pictured to the right, from left to right is: Mallary Macking, Abigail Macking, Matthew Macking, Samuel Macking, Lydia Macking)

Matt’s first real interaction with the gospel took place in the PMBC Tabernacle on a summer night during our 2003 summer camp program. Matt was mentored and received discipleship through two of our affiliated churches, Cherry Street Bible Church and East End PM Church, in the youth groups of pastor John Stange and pastor Marty Garms. As God worked in Matt’s life through the ministries of these men, He prodded Matt to get more involved with the ministry of PMBC.

Matt began working in 2004 as the lifeguard, later becoming a counselor in 2005-2006, and returning as program director in 2008. Matt was also involved in youth ministry, at both Hatboro Community Methodist Church and Newtown Community Church, during these years. While preparing for ministry at Cairn University (Philadelphia Biblical University at that time) Matt served as a short term district supply for West Conshohocken PM Church and moved on to serve as pastor of Lionville Community Church, upon his graduation from Cairn.

Roughly 10 years after beginning his spiritual life at PMBC, God called Matt to serve as director and relocate his family to the very spot his spiritual journey began. Matt made this move with his wife Mallary and their two children, Samuel and Abigail in February of 2015.

The photo to the right depicts our Directer, Matthew Macking, and his ever growing family. Matt has been the Director at PMBC since the beginning of 2015 and is about to begin his 5th year of ministry leading PMBC

At PMBC the seasons are always changing, both in terms of the weather and the ministry. Matt has a desire to see PMBC grow to where the facilities and programs are making an impact in the lives of the children and the families who camp here. We are currently in a season of growth and hope to continue forward, creating opportunities for parents to get more involved in the camping and retreat ministry with their children. This year we are hoping to begin a family camp program and offer some more self-programmed retreats aimed at helping families grow spiritually, together.

Meet our Administrator


Debbie Hammond

Debbie Hammond, previously a Christian School teacher, administrative assistant for UBS, and Executive assistant for the Market Street Men’s mission in Morristown NJ, brings her administrative experience and her degree in counseling to join the PMBC full time staff. Debbie is joined by her husband Steve and has two grown daughters, Lindsay and Mallary (pictured to the left).

Debbie has been assisting the camp in various ways as a volunteer since 2015, working retreats, helping with registration setup and execution, and assisting in work projects. She hopes to be a helpful part of the ministry here, ministering to the children during summer camp and ministering to the parents and retreat groups through orchestrating their registrations and administrative needs when planning their stay at PMBC.

(pictured, from left to right is: Lindsay Hammond Schumacher, Steve Hammond, Debbie Hammond, Mallary Macking)