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Open House

Find out more about camp by visiting the property and leaning how we run our summer programming to give your children opportunity to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Open House Dates
Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 from 2pm - 8pm
Sunday, June 16th, 2019 from 2pm - 8pm

Why should I attend?

If you have a child who is camping or are interested in having your child camp during our summer camp programming, this is an opportunity for you to learn more and introduce your child to the setting they will be in for at least one week of the summer (we’d love to see them both weeks).

This is an opportunity for you to get some information from us, ask any questions you might have as we lead up to the camp season, and get a very small taste of the summer camp experience we design for your children in the summer.

What will we be doing?

The main goal of this event is to get you and your children oriented to the program so that both of you are as comfortable as possible when the week of camp your child is camping finally arrives. To do that, we will be doing the following:

  • A campus walk through (to familiarize everyone with the campus and give some information on what takes place in the different areas)

  • Meeting and greeting other parents, campers, and staff ( a chance to get to know other parents who have sent or are sending their children to camp as well as talk to some staff members who have worked here and camped here before. All done with snacks and refreshments, of course)

  • Eating Together (we will have a meal with some of the summer fare and talk a little more about the summer camp program and our goals for the summer)

  • Games and Activities (we will explore one or two of the team competition games from the summer and talk through the activities, or electives, available to your children during the summer)

  • Fun Time (the pool will be open and a bounce house available to give your kids some quick downtime before we head into our closing activity)

  • Bonfire/Closing (Although it will still be light out, we will hold a brief bonfire - with smore’s - and discuss why we hold this as our closing exercise in the summer. This is a time where you can hear some testimony from staff and former campers about their experiences at PMBC. After the short bonfire, everyone is free to stay up until 8pm and hang out in the dining hall with some more snacks and refreshments)

    Open House Schedule
    (same for both dates)

    2:00 PM - Arrival and Refreshments in Dining Hall

    3:00 PM - Campus Walk through and camp explanation

    4:00 PM - Games and Activities in Courtyard (Dining Hall if raining)

    5:00 PM - Dinner at Dining Hall as we discuss any questions from parents that weren't addressed elsewhere

    5:45 PM - Pool time or Bounce House Time (Another good time for parents to finalize registration details if they desire - and if they aren't too busy pretending to be a cannonball at the pool)

    6:15 PM - Bonfire /Closing

    6:45 - 8:00 PM - Time for refreshments, snacks, and more discussion/questions if you need or you can just hang out and get to know other parents and leave whenever you are ready (really this is time to let your children dry off completely before they get into the car!)