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Please be on the lookout for more information from regarding the selected week of summer camp. E-mails notifications will be coming regarding your deposit invoice, the camping weeks status (filling up or not), suggested packing list, wait list status, and/or special offers/opportunities.

Things Not to Bring to Camp...

  • Please do not bring any internet enabled electronic devices

  • Please do not bring any smartphones or phones able to access internet through Wi-Fi connection (This is to allow your child to enjoy their time at camp without spending their time on their phone. Camp is designed to be an opportunity for your child to experience something different, in the outdoors, rather than experiences their everyday routines and interactions with technology and social media)

  • Bad Attitudes (this is purely here for fun, but the truth is that your child will have more fun if they approach camp with the best attitude possible. Part of camp is the experience and that experience can be improved by the way it is approached. In some aspects, kids get out of camp what they put into it.)