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At PMBC we have three positions: counselor, program director and service team member. Counselors spend the majority of their day investing into the campers and are responsible for their supervision. The program director helps plan and implement the daily schedule of activities and programs. Our service team is comprised of everyone else. Our service team members must be willing to contribute in all areas of camp, such as cleaning, washing dishes, assisting counselors with campers, prepping meals, setting up games or even participating in skits. Our service team members will have an area of emphasis in which they will be held accountable. For instance, a housekeeping oriented service team member will be held accountable to keeping public areas clean, but will also assist in many other areas; or a kitchen-oriented service team member will mostly help within the kitchen but also be asked to help in other areas when needed. All PMBC summer staff members are expected to have a willing heart to serve and minister to campers and each other. Positions: Counselors, Program Director & Service Team Members Service Team Areas of Emphasis: Lifeguard, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Childcare, Rec Hall, Work Boy
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Earliest Date You're Available to Work This Summer
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Latest Date You're Available to Work This Summer
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