Sunday Evening Services


Sunday Services are Changing….

Light dinner being offered at 4:00pm followed by service at 5:00pm! Read below for more details!


Time for a change…

We are excited to announce a change in how we are structuring our Sunday program. For several years we have seen the need to change how we do our Sunday evening service. Traditionally, Sunday evening services have been held at camp as a place for supporters to come and participate in a church service. Over the years, we have seen a disconnect between our mission to reach the campers and how our Sunday evenings are structured. We see the value in having supporters participate in Sunday evenings and want that to continue while still being able to reach the campers at their level and involve the parents in our services.


We began to ask the question, “What is the goal of our Sunday Evening Services?” First, we want to provide a clear introduction to our week for our campers, introducing our theme and interacting with them at an age appropriate level. Second, we want our supporters to catch a glimpse of what camp is like for our campers and be a part of prayerfully starting off a week of ministry. And third, we want to introduce the component of allowing families to be involved in “sending off” their kids for the week of camp and catch a glimpse of the gospel message. We are excited to announce this change as we believe it more accurately reflects our mission. After much thought and discussion, we will be changing the way we do our evening services, as described below.


We invite camp supporters who wish to help kick-off the camping week to continue to attend Sunday evening services as well as a light dinner before the service. We welcome supporters to come to camp on Sunday evenings beginning at 4:00 for a casual picnic style dinner outdoors with our campers, staff, and families. This will take the place of refreshments following the Sunday Service. Sunday Service will begin at 5:00pm. During our Sunday Service we will be introducing the theme for the summer, performing a skit, giving a brief devotional, having a time of worship, and praying for our campers to start the week. We are excited for this change because this service will closely mimic what our nightly Tabernacle Services look like through the week. This gives our supporters and parents an idea of what camp is like. We are strongly encouraging parents to stay for this service. We also want parents to hear the gospel!


We anticipate the service to be wrapped up by 6pm at the latest. At the end of the service, we will officially send the campers off to their next activity and families and supporters will be dismissed. There will no longer be refreshments following the service. We would encourage you to come at 4:00pm for a time of fellowship over dinner prior to the service. We are excited about this change and hope that you continue to show your support. Change can be hard but we feel this is a necessary one that more accurately reflects our mission during the summer season.

Dates of Services for Summer 2020

Potentially June 14th
June 21st
June 28th
July 5th
July 19th
July 26th
August 2nd

We hope to see you there!