Are you looking for a way to get other people involved in supporting PMBC?

Get a PMBC Christmas Tree in your church lobby for an easy way for others to experience the joy of giving.

What is the PMBC Christmas Tree? A custom-made pallet tree with tags that designate items that PMBC is in need of. People can take a tag to pledge to provide the funds or purchase the item for PMBC.

Where should the PMBC Christmas Trees go? The intent is for churches and other supporting organizations would have these trees in public areas like a lobby.

Where should gifts be sent to? Items can be dropped off at camp or use our mailing address while shopping online - 191 Clifton Beach Road, Clifton Township, PA 18424.

What if our church runs out of tags? That’s a great problem to have! We can send more tags to you, if you’d like!

What should we do with our tree once Christmas is over? Our hope is that churches will hold onto these trees to put out for next Christmas season, and we’ll mail you new tags! Trees can also be returned to PMBC or can schedule someone from PMBC to come and pick it up.

My church won’t take a tree, how can I still help? You can still show your support by purchasing or sending funding for items listed below:



Food Service

  • Salad Bar

  • Dishwasher (contact us for details)

  • Ice Cream Equipment (contact us for details)

Building Materials

For the Kids